Facts about proposed offshore wind generation for Oceana and Mason Counties, Michigan

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This is a map based on the original Scandia proposal. A new map will be generated when the siting data, which have been requested from Scandia, are made available.

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from Kalamazoo Gazette 3-3-2010
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The intent of this site is to present factual information related to the wind generation facility that is proposed for the Lake Michigan waters west of Mason and Oceana Counties. Please send error reports, suggestions, and additional questions and/or answers to dlr@eolas.com .

Unless otherwise noted, the answers have been generated by David Roseman (dlr@eolas.com). They do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any other person or group.

Editorial for Oceana's Herald Journal August 19, 2010
Word version
Documentation regarding construction and deployment of foundations

Letter to Mr Pruss of GLOW

Questions for Scandia 4-1-2010
Response from Scandia 5-4-2010
Response to Scandia's response 6-2-2010


Little Point Sable 7/27/2010
Oceana County Planning Commission Open Meeting August 2010
Elbridge Township
Could Scandia have built the proposed foundations? (Subset from Elbridge presentation}

Questions and Answers

Resources and references

POWER is a group that has formed to oppose the Scandia proposal. Their website is here.

Chuck Thompson has generated a large amount of great information and images, which is available here.

Steve Lewis' site for contacting government officials

Visualizing wind turbines