Letter to Mr Pruss

February 5, 2010

Yesterday I sent a letter to Mr Skip Pruss, Chairman of the Great Lakes Wind Council (GLOW). A copy of it is here. The letter is undated, but was sent electonically and by Express mail It should have reached his desk by today.

If you agree with the basic points of the letter, please send your thoughts to Mr Pruss.

Stanley "Skip" Pruss
Director, Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth
Chairman, Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council (GLOW)
PO Box 30004
Lansing, MI 48909

I spoke with John Sarver, of the Bureau of Energy Systems in Mr Pruss's department. He has agreed to accept email notes, and forward them to Mr Pruss. His address is sarverj@michigan.gov .

GLOW may be finalizing its legislative proposal in the near future. Please act promptly.


David Roseman